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Based on our experience in the field of wound care, we have created a manual that makes it possible to treat infected wounds or insect bites effectively.

infected wounds or insect bites that have become infected due to a lack of hygiene can be treated effectively and in the long term.

It is important to use disposable materials in any case and to dispose of them immediately after treatment.

Application of anti-inflammatory wound ointment

Clean and disinfect the wound environment.

Do NOT apply disinfectant to the wound.

Shaving the wound area

Only use disposable razors for shaving,

Dispose of safely after use.

Removal of hair in the direct wound environment with disposable tweezers.

Apply to the wound with sterile swabs.

Dispose of swabs after use.

Covering the wound with paraffin gauze to prevent adhesions with covering.

Protect the wound with plaster for minor injuries

For larger injuries, cover with sterile wound dressing.

Fix the compresses with dressing material.

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